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WE SHOULD acknowledge from the start that,throughout human history,there have been examples or both good and bad behaviour. The question we need to answer is whether people´s behaviour has generally improved or declined as civilisation develops.

My veiw is  that people´s behaviour is generally better than it was in the past. Firstly,it is important to recognise that,in the past,womwn suffered terrible injustice because they dis not have the same rights as men. We shouyld also remember the other groups that were the victims of violence and discrimination,including the ordinary poor.Today,we at least try to value everybody in society equally. Secondly,we must remember that most people in our modern society are in favour of peace. This war nos true in the past,when war was considered a noble activity. On the other hand,it is true that moder society gives opportunities for immoral behaviour which did not exist in the past.
For instance,cyberbulluing has only become a problem in the past few years.What is more,a decline in religious belief among many of today´s industrialised countries means that children do not grow up with a strong moral cole. All things considered,I really do think that today´s society is generally mores moral than societies in the past. While there are undoubtedly some problems with bad behaviour,the vast majority fo today´s citizens try to behave well towards all their fellow men and women.

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