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Habits of the clothes. At present the people are in the habit of dressing of brand, the are in the habit of identifying  to the clothes that the take.

I particularly like to dress well and to have good clothes, but for example i have many ways for dressing, since i am not going to go equally to the college what when i go out whit my friends. Im in the habit of buying rarely clothes and when i do it is being normally whit my father alone, since whit my mother i put stress on myself buying jaja. I being going to buy to the el corte ingles, there is many brands and diversities models. Now i am buying  more clothes due to my great physical change with the loss of more than 50kg. Lately im buying me more moderna clothes thought i like too dress more with shirt and to be arrenged. Definitively i like to dress well, to the mode but with class

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