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Receptionist: Good morning, Sir!
Mr Goodmann: Good morning!
Receptionist: May I help you?
Mr Goodmann: Yes. I’d like to check out.       
Receptionist: Certainly. Can I have your name and room number, please?
Mr Goodmann: My name is Peter Goodmann, and my room number is 404. Here is the key.
Receptionist: Did you have anything from the minibar?
Mr Goodmann: Just a mineral water.
Receptionist: Here is your bill. Would you like to check it?
Mr Goodmann: Yes. What’s the 9 pounds for?
Receptionist: That’s for the phone calls you made from the room.
Mr Goodmann: Can I pay by traveller’s cheques?
Receptionist: Of course. Can I have your passport, please?
Mr Goodmann: Here it is.
Receptionist: Could you sign the cheques for me?
Mr Goodmann: Sure.
Receptionist: Here is your receipt.
Mr Mann: Thank you. Good bye.
Receptionist: Good bye.

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