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Almuñécar is a small town in the southwestern region of the Grenadine Coast, and constitutes the tourist capital of the Costa Tropical. Despite its small size there are a lot of places that could be visited and also you could do a lot of activities like surfing or skydiving. 

Nonetheless there are some disadvantages like the long distance between monuments or the amount of tourists that makes difficult walk quietly in some places. Habitually is a familiar trip that we do every year since I was 7 years. We also stay in the same hotel because it is very familiar and nowadays we have friends there.  

Finally if i have to say something to improve it would be swimming pool hours, because i wish i had more time.  

GERUNDIO: Admit, avoid, carry on, detest, dislike, enjoy, finish, hate, give up, go on, imagine, involve, keep (on), like, love, mind, miss, prefer, recommend, resist, risk, suggest. (Verbos) Be / get used to, be fed up with, be fond of, be good/bad at, can ́t help, can ́t stand, don ́t / wouldn ́t mind, feel like, it ́s no use / no good, it ́s (not) worth, look forward to, succeed in, spend (time), think about/of, what about...? (Expresiones)

INFINITIVO: Afford, agree, appear (=seem), arrange, ask, care, choose, decide, expect, fail, hope, hesitate, hope, learn, manage, neglect, plan, prepare, pretend, promise, refuse, seem, swear, want, wish. (Verbos)  Able, afraid, amazed, angry, busy, delighted, disgusted, disappointed, glad, happy, likely, obliged, ready, sorry, supposed, surprised, tired, unable.(Detrás de adj y adv)

+ gerundio: dejar de hacer algo.
+ infinitivo: parar para hacer otra cosa.
I stopped smoking. (= Dejé de fumar)
I stopped to have a coffee. (Paré para tomar un café)
+ gerundio: experimentar, probar: + infinitivo: intentar:
I tried turning off the computer to see if it worked. (= Probé apagando el ordenador para ver si funcionaba) I tried to open the window, but I couldn ́t. (= Intenté abrir la ventana, pero no pude)
+ gerundio: cuando no se menciona a la persona. + infinitivo: cuando se menciona a la persona.

She doesn't allow eating in the classroom.(= Ella no permite comer en clase)
She doesn't allow her students to eat in the classroom.(Ella no permite que sus alumnos coman en clase)
+ gerundio: cuando la acción expresada por el gerundio tiene lugar antes que la expresada por el verbo que le precede.
+ infinitivo:cuando la acción expresada por el infinitivo no tiene lugar antes que la expresada por el verbo que le precede.
I remember locking the door before I left (= Recuerdo haber cerrado la puerta antes de marcharme) Remember to post the letter (=Recuerda enviar la carta por correo). 

Dear sir or madam, I am writing to inform you of the type of trip I would like to take this summer. I would like to stay in a hotel near the beach, that has a private pool and if it is possible that it has common areas where I can play some sports such as tennis or ping pong. I would also like the hotel to have guided tours of the monuments of the place.

The room would be for 2 people and if it is possible that it has a terrace with views of the sea or the pool. Taking this into account, I would like you to offer me different proposals of the places to which I can travel.

Thank you so much, Ana 


book a room, a table, an excursion (v) cancel (v) check in (v) delay (v) get a lift (v) get a suntan (v) get lost (v) get on, off (v) go for a meal (v) go on foot (v) go sightseeing (v) head to (v) hitchhike (v) look forward to (v) miss (v) (a flight/bus) pack (your bag/ rucksack) (v) set off (v) stop off (v) 


affluent (adj) affordable (adj) atmospheric (adj) bistro (n) busy (adj) campsite (n) characterful (adj)chic (adj) city centre (n)coastline (n) compact (adj)district (n) elegant (adj)  historic (adj) impressive (adj)

lively (adj) new/old part (n) outside (the city) (adj) outskirts (n) peaceful (adj) run-down (adj)

scenic (adj) smart (adj)suburb (n)surrounding area (n) trendy (adj) well-kept (adj)


Beach holidays, Boarding pass, booking confirmation, budget hotel (n), cabin cree, check-in desk (n), dar trip, duty-free, five-star hotel, package holiday, passport control (n) poolside bar (n) return ticket (n) seaside resort (n) single ticket (n) social media post (n) summer holiday (n) tour operator (n) travel blog (n) travel on a shoestring, travel sckeness, weekend trip, youth hostel

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