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GOOD NATURED: easy going person.Listen to advise and take a period to be reasonable. DISTRUSTFUL:person who know beforhand that priec will cost more than the real value.SPECULATIVE:person who think that he can find the product cheaper.He isnt happy unless she gets the best price.AGGRESIVE:demanding,hostile,threatening.DETERMINED:say what want. Ask for advise from expert and makes up.DEMANDING: requires inmediate attention,know her rights as a customer and say it if it´s necesary.ARROGANT:person who know he is important client.He want good service and respect for his social status.HESITANT:Person who don´t like take a risk.Take a long time to make up his mind.CONTENTIOUS: enjoys arguing about the advantages or disadvantage with the assistant.

LOYAL: knows the brand and they give him what he want.They relies on it.LOYAL BUDGET:like some brand but wait to discounts.LOW BUDGET:have a favourite brands but buys offersPRACTICAL: the brands is not important. He want good value.WANDERING don't really know what he want.
VERY PROFITABLE:have a lot purchasing power and are loyal to a product. NON PROFITABLE: clients don't provide financial benefits.LESS WEALTHY:Clients,his shopper of our products are profitable. WEALTHY:reach people who buy in a lot of shops

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