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An End to Tedious Conversations 1A)falseWell, help could be at hand from a watch that gives a warning buzz if you have been talking too much and in a monotonous manner.B)false “The prototype focuses on the wearer, but later versions could also analyse audio from all sides of a conversation, telling us whether the listener is still interested in what we are saying.”2.A) It listens the voice rhythm, the words you say, your attitude and it takes your vital signs in order to analyse the chat. B)It will register both parts of the conversation, that way we will be able to know if the person who is speaking to us is interested in the things we say 3.Manner/ 
Device / Coach/Succeed 4.Although,most/ Were, what/Matches,is put/What else she had bought .
Tragedy Can Be Good for Your Health1A)T In their previous investigations of group activities like dancing, laughing and singing, they found that feelgood chemicals called endorphins were released in the brain, leading to increased pain tolerance. 
B)T They also discovered that there were stronger bonds between participants 2.A)The aim of the test is discovering how resistance to pain can be increased by watching sad films, so 2 groups of people see different films and complete a diary with their feelings.B)First of all you become stronger and you can tolerate pain better and longer, and secondly you feel link with other people.3.beginning/troubled/gauge/ appealing 4-which,than/ luckiest,won/going,stay/if Doug could meet her at the cinema.

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