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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing To you because I bought a phone on your web and now the phone doesn´t work.

I bought the New iphone X last week. When I received the package at home, I turned the phone On and it worked perfectly, but after a five minutes it went out. Then I turned It on again and the same thing happened over and over. I need the phone to work And to communicate with my family, So it is so important for me to have my Phone operative urgently.

I hope you do Something to solve the problem like sending me a new phone or fixing the one That you have brought to me because it is under guarantee. If you don´t give me Any kind of solution, I'll have to resort to make a claim.

My name is Eduardo Castro and you can contact me by email. My address is eduardo@hotmail.Com. I Await your response as soon as possible.

Yours Faithfully,

Eduardo Castro

Big Ban is a famous Series from America. It is about four friends that are neighbours in the same Building. They are scientists and freaky. They like comics, superheroes and Spaceships. And they find it difficult to relate to people, especially girls. In My opinion, this is the funniest and most interesting series that I have seen.

In the first place, You are laughing from the beginning to the end. Additionally, you can learn About chemistry, engineering or physics. In each chapter, they talk about Experiments and tests. All the chapters are original, so they are not boring. Finally their relationship are something special: sometimes they are angry but A few minutes later they are the best friends.

In Conclusion, I recommend to others seeing this series, because it is didactic, Entertaining and its is a good example of friendship. Also, it is an excellent Excuse to wath TV in family.

Harry Potter is a science fiction Film that is based on a book written By JK Rowling.Daniel Hernández stars as Harry, Emma Watson plays the roll of Ernion and Ron is performed by Robert Jones. My favorite character is Ernion because She is very intelligent and brave.

Harry Potter is about the life of a boy called Harry and his friends Ernion and Ron. They are studying in Howards, a School where they learn how to become a magician. Along the film the teenagers Live several adventures. In their free time they play Quidich, a sport that Consists of catching a ball while riding on a broom.

The Film is spectacular because It has a very good script and characters. Also it has amazing fiction effects, That make you travel inside the movie.

I love the acting in this film. I think it is an ideal film for People who like fiction stories. Go to Watch it soon!!!

Hi Daniel

I´m sorry I haven´t written before Because I have been doing my exams of the second term. Thank you for writing to Me.

In January I travelled to Portugal to make the end of the course trip With my school friends. I had a great time, since We visited many places and did many activities such as carting and sigthseeing. Butnot everything has been good, the food of Portugal Was not very good and we had to wake up early in the morning. On the other hand, this week it is my Birthday and I will be celebrating in Siam Park............

One of these days we could meet at the Cinema to watch a movie so we can talk about more things. I almost forgot to Tell you that last week I took a five In Language and my parents punished me without the mobile. So Write me by email.



Pablo Alborán was born in Málaga On 31st May 1989. Since he was a young boy he was interested in Music and he started singing at the age of five. He is not married, but he has A dog. His father is a baker and his mother is a housewife, so he comes from a Humble family.

When he was a teenager, Pablo studied At Cultural Center Manuel Estepa, a music school. When he was 12 years old he Made up his first song: "Amor de barrio". His first album was "Pablo Alborán", which he recorded when he was twenty two years old. It was a big hit and a top-forty album. In 2013 he was a candidate for Grammy Awards.

The things which people most Admire about Pablo are his love songs and his sweet voice in addition to his Close and simple personality.

In the early part of his career He was known for uploading videos of songs on youtube.

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