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vWhere did Islam begin?

--- Muslims believe in a single God.

--- Islam is a monotheistic religion.

--- It began in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th Century.

--- Arabian Peninsula is a flat religion between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.

--- There were polytheistic until the Islam spread Across the Peninsula.

--- Mecca and Medina were important cities in the peninsula.

vMuhammad, the founder of Islam

--- was born in 570.

---he worked in the caravan trade, and he learnt about The ideas of the Judaism and the Christianity.

--- This religion was based on submission to Allah, or God, and was called Islam.

--- Muhammad promoted new religion, but in 622 he had To escape to Medina. (This event called Hegira marks the beginning of the Muslim era).

--- Muhammad’s sayings were recorded in the Quran, the Sacred book of Islam.

vIslamic religion

--- The declaration of faith: following the principle That “Only Allah is God, and Muhammad is Allah’s prophet.

--- Daily prayers: five times a day facing Mecca.

--- Fasting: do not eat from morning until night.

---Charity: Obligation to help poor people.

--- Pilgrimage: Each Muslim should make the pilgrimage To Mecca once in their lifetime.

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