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Can poder/pedir permiso/habilidad Can´t certeza de algo imposible
Could habilidad en pasado May/might posibilidad Must/have to debe/tiene que….Must para conviccion de algo
Would pedir educadamente u ofrecer Need to necesitar/tener que
needn´t/ Don´t have to no tener que Should/ought to deberías Would have habría Be able to ser capaz de
Studies-am/is/are studied
Studied-was/were studied
Will study-will be studied
Should study-should be studied
Is studying-am/is/are being studied
Was studying-was/were being studied
Has studied-have/has been studied
Had studied-had been studied
Must have studied-must have been studied
Has to study-have/has to be studied
Is going to study-am/is/are to be studied

Accuse of, agree with, apologise for, arrive at, arrive in, believe in, belong to, boast about, concentrate on, depend on, hear about, hear of, insist on, insist to, rely on, remind of, succeed in, talk about, talk to/with, think about/of, wait for
Afraid of, bad for, cruel to, disappointed in, disappointed with, excited about, good at, insulted by, interested in, involved in, late for, pleased with, proud with, satisfied with, surprised by, terrible at
Sufijos para formar nombres
Verb collocations
Take a shower, take place, take a break, take part, take for granted, make/take a decision, make an impression, make a mistake, take a suggestion, do homework, do best, do business, do a favour, do the washing-up, do the right thing, do well
Sufijos para formar adjetivos
Ed (persona), ing (cosa), ful, less, ous, al, able, ive

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