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Good morning, the name is Daniel Fernando Toro and today  I am going to make a presentation with a picture chose at random by my teacher. This presentation has a certain structure which is the following: an introduction that  comes which the context of the image, the part of the development where I will talk about three evidences and in each of them I will give a justification, finally there will be the conclusions of the presentation.

Next I will talk to you about the context of this image, in this image we can induce that the topic is identities and the topic is health and well Being, since, a person is observed that is doing exercise. Nowadays people have become a little more aware of their health. For which they have chosen to do more exercise than usual, in addition exercise and sports are what gives people good habits such as eating well and doing physical activities   As it is at home I have always exercised and I compete in motocross, an extreme sport, and I can say that sport has helped me in my life.

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