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Personal relationships are of great value to Argentines, so it is common for them to be interested in knowing a little more about you. That said, you may need more than one meeting before you can successfully complete a business.
 There is no defined etiquette protocol, businessmen will not be surprised if they are visited by someone in trousers and a shirt, which is highly dependent on the weather. However, for the first business appointments it is recommended to wear a formal suit, in general, men attend with classic and dark-colored suits and women with sober suits.
 Punctuality is a key factor that speaks highly of you and your company, so you must have enough time to arrive on time, it is not surprising that our contact comes to the appointment with a certain delay. Potential partners in a good restaurant, business lunches and dinners are conducive environments to establish business relationships.
 As in all companies, important decisions are made by high-level executives, so ensure that these appointments are attended by senior managers who can make decisions, also from your company.

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