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1a)Open-Plan or Cellular The way in which an office is laid out can have a huge effect on the way people work and on their relationships with each other. The open-plan office is effectively one big room with lots of work areas, defined by desks and partitions. Staff can see and hear each other. In a cellular arrangement, each member of staff, or small group of staff, will have their own separate room in which to do their work. Open-plan offices create a spirit of teamwork more easily than cellular offices. Staff in an open-plan office may find it easier to motivate each other, although it also makes conflict and petty arguments more likely.

Furniture and Equipment An office that is not comfortable will make work difficult. This refers not only to the temperature and brightness of the office, but also to its furnishings. A desk needs to be big enough to let you do your work in comfort.Solid, good quality materials need to be used - a shaky desk will be hard to work at. Chairs are even more important. Poor chairs can lead to discomfort, back problems and absence from work. Good office chairs are padded, have castors, and are adjustable for height.

Water cooler = These are becoming popular in many offices………

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