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It was a magnificent summer day. I was 23 years old and it was my first day at work, I was happier than ever. The morning began as expected after a long night without sleep and many visits to the bathroom. I got there and a colleague told me what was my desk and some other things that he thought necessary for me to know. The morning passed successfully. Afterward the lunch hour arrived and the workmates invited me to eat with them. We quickly arrived at the restaurant that was round the corner on that same street. We all ordered the daily menu and after a while the first courses were already on the table. I finished my salad and that’s when I felt a roar in my stomach. As soon as this happened my teammates looked at me and my face turned red. Inmediately after I felt an extreme need to go to the bath and there wasn’t paper. What was going to be of me now, I thought.

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