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1. According to Adam, many times items are Thrown out...

-even Though they are in brand new condition.

-He eats The food that he has in his refrigerator.

-A Market where people donate things they no longer want.

-it is a Way to fight the system.

-By Using bicycles.

-doesn’t Eat meat, eggs or milk products.

-are not Animal friendly.

-are Serious people, not freaks.

1. When Michael was a child he..

-he had no opportunities to travel.

-enjoyed Travelling as a means of getting away.

-didnít Have the feeling that he was really travelling.

-look at The world as an outsider.

-can Bring you closer to the people.

-he had To improvise the interviews with the people he met during the trip.

-not Impose our way of life on other countries.

-we Produce too much waste because we have much more than we need.

1. According to the text, Ruth will...

-be Getting 90.000 US dollars in prize money.

-be Mainly for Dalit women.

-she had Economic difficulties.

-her Mother thought the schools near her house were not good enough.

-after She had been involved in activities against discrimination.

-people Would not understand why Dalit women should fight for their rights

-She Felt the situation of Dalit women was worse than that of other poor


-one Needs to explain the truth and talk about it with courage.

1. What causes the change in the concentration Of CO 2 in the atmosphere?

-The Excessive use of coal and oil.

-Some People from the entertainment industry.

-The Director, David Guggenstein, who often consulted Gore.

-wonít Be much more important than it is now.

-made Mainly from waste.

-are quite responsive to the production of oil and coal.

-Some Cities do.

-to Change peopleís point of view about global warming.

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