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to:Pepe&Subject:Weekend&Hi&I'm really happy that we'll see the next month&what would you like to do in our holidays?&why don't we go to Camino de Santiago? &I think that's a good idea∨ if you prefer.We could go to the beach&but, I don't really sure  ,to be honest&I prefer the mountain?What about going to the alpes?&We could go trekking.&let's go trekking please&well,we need to decide what to do in the holidays? Because we have to book earlier to this mounth&please choose what do you like to do in this week please send me the email soon&best watches&jose&&&&the best city that I have ever been isM$it's an important city of Malaga&it has about 100000 inhabitans&but in the summer there are many more people&more 900000of people&M is a Cosmopolitan City&so ,there are different kind of restaurants,shops and temples&usually the weather in M is sunny it has about 320 days of sunshine&M is famous for its beaches butt also it has a beautiful mountain&it´s name is sierrblan and it´s a symbol of the city&it appears in a many pictures&what I like best ofM&it's a big city in a small town&&&&The mean of transport that I usually use is the car. In my opinion and one of the advantages with respect to public transport. Is that you can move around freely because you can decide the place you can visit and when to go. However the public transport has many advantages, for example it is cheap.. Another advantage is that public transpor pollutes less than a private car but with the car you do not waste time waiting for the bus. However the Petrol is very expensive and also the maintanance but if you're traveling alone on long trips is cheaper public transport.

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