Goodbye, lamb:

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Goodbye, lamb: Pink, Cordera Pinin and were always together but pinin and pink were very close, living in the foothills proa, Cordera was happy there although she loved the iron pole was from Oviedo to Gijon and liked Pinin climb up the telegraph to try to hear some conversation but never came up until the end, but sat some minutes Rose's interest was simply to hear pink noise Cordera however was more formal and more mature since it was a cow had lived much, for her the telegraph was nothing to something unknown and something that did not give the slightest importance or she just wanted to enjoy life that remained to her was past the time when paired with the bull (Xatu) At the opening of the railway the first time I saw him go lamb I look with suspicion on the contrary, the twins watched him with joy and euphoria, everything from the telegraph, the railroad for them was a totally unknown world different from what they knew.
Pinin and Rosa were the children of Anton de chinta, the twins used to play around Cordera, Serbian them as a pillow, and often hiding pinin jumped on the back of the cow.
Anton de chinta not always had the foothills prao that was a recent gift, while Lamb had to walk back through the pasture, the hay barn and pinin missing and made him softer Rosa misery by passersby.
Anton de chinta wanted to fulfill her dream of having at least two teams, it all started to buy their first cow, and he went to buy the second could not do it because he had to pay the landlord, chinta had died shortly after buying Cordera, why that cow was to Pinin and Rose as a mother, so when he died chinta told to take good care of her that was her greatest support, since the twins continued care of lamb. One day Anthony went to Gijón being Cordera pinin and pink while sleeping, when Anton and the lamb againThe children said nothing guessed he had gone to sell and that none had ever loved any offer that came to him that Anton wanted, returned to the path along the road of Candide, and at the junction of two roads a neighbor of Carrio who had echo and several offers and finally he could sell the cow, although it cost him he had to finish paying for costs or tube no choice but to accept what the neighbor offered him, a few days later a manager of neighbor ran went for the lamb while the children were running after her father tried to calm them at home, while the cow and breasts that vanished in the darkness screaming children goodbye, lamb!, the next day and pinin Rose went to the foothills prao this was not the same without lamb, saw the train pass and figured that was alii lamb and shouted goodbye, lamb!.
Years passed twins pinin were grown and had gone to war expecting an evening pink mail to learn of his brother, when the railroad crossing was crowded with these people saw his brother, pink can hear goodbye , lamb bye, Rose!
While Rose was invoked his brother was thinking that that world Leganes and unknown

EXPRESS TRAIN: It all begins when the protagonist gets into a train and sees a beautiful girl she is impressed by much, was his companion wagon, she was French and Spanish at first started talking about how nice it was their country but then were silent for a time he saw could not stop looking at her she was beautiful, blonde, tall slim and graceful. The taking a bit of conversation he said that if he went too lay, she replied that if the site asking the question was if he liked the city (Paris) and she with a sad tone he replied: I came to Paris and staying married to an ungrateful man who loves a bachelor, he replied I was not seeing in Madrid some ungrateful. Then they were again silent piece she opened her window and as the train ran to cold very cold and the boy took his blanket Zamora and above the factShe was resting and could not sleep a wink protagonist of such beauty, however much I tried I could not sleep on the edge of dawn rang a bell on the train and entered into the station, but neither is dropped stop. He asked where he was going, she told him to forget where they were cheating, which lasted about a year. The blind and by so much beauty and no more asked tough it would be in vain "pretend to love you? she answered him a little distracted that I did not know he would have to do later she told him she was called Constance and was constantly distracted after dissimulation, when he came to answer him with such zeal that some value for the deception and be there within a year he kept silent with the answer.
Soon they reached their destination when they parted raised their hands and nodded, he only had to wait until next year to find it on the same train.
Already after one year, to France, at a station but would not want to name things being equal, only that he had spent one more year. In the wagon a cough and a cry rang at her side was a witch who brought him a letter saying he had lived record but now under a flower that is on record had died of tuberculosis, she explained in the letter that loved kept telling her to pray for God to open heaven and that she would meet him there where they could continue their love story, said that while the living cry that served as a consolation, according to the letter and had read more Sometimes they had hair on his head, opened the window many times but decided to lie izo not continue his journey to Paris by express train.

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