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GOTHIC. In the middle of s-xii, Romanesque buildings began to be replaced with x large and slender europeas.son churches in the cities of Gothic cathedrals, noble xlos financed and abbots of the great Gothic buildings grmiales.las groups were linked to the new the social group as burguesía.el gothic building style appeared in 1140 together with the building of the monastery because of the influence exerted q monastic life in society and the thought of this year momento.pero Abbot Suger and the abbot Bernard of Clairvaux expressed divergent positions on what q should be the spirit of a building built to serve as dios.cada representation should be inside the churches led to a different constructive expression: * great monasteries governed x Cistercian order built following criteria austerity and rural character .* in cities in the process of growth, it imposed a constructive system from saint denis plant was modified q q as technical advances allow greater height Delas vobedas without jeopardizing the structure developed constructive 2sistemas different Cistercian abbeys and Gothic cathedrals.

Cistercian Monastery, Abbot Bernard of Clairvaux concevia churches too far from any type of building ornamental.propuso characterized x constructive absolute austerity, I have to dispense with sculpted capitals Delos q romanicos.surgio buildings abound in constructive style decorative austerity characterized xla and ornamental q imposed on all the monasteries Floor layout of the monasteries for the esqema established "a large church with a cloister attached; around the cloister were distributed key community agencies, assigning the upper floors for bedrooms .- cellars, warehouses and kitchens appeared as adjacent rooms, grouped into courtyards and cloisters secundarios.el Cistercian monastery was characterized x: their functionality and austerity xsus spacious and the large # of units, q made him a center auosuficiente.reunia constructive ways in their most advanced elements of Romanesque and employed tmbn Delas equity style cathedrals goticas.este big windows and rejects any element ernamental.

Gothic cathedrals and light: the cathedrals of the nine towns adopataron distinguishing feature of the interior ornamental riqeza Delos edificios.lo got away from the light, q represented the essence of the proposed light fill the church by removing the walls and laying the new art of warhead all the header and cruise iglesia.el pointed and buttressing their system could remove the wall and replace q x etched and stained glass allowed the entrance of the luz.los 2 main elements were: busqeda Deluz and building system can replace the wall q vidrieras.BASE CONSTRUCTIVE xlas DELAS CATHEDRALS: warhead used the arc q in its vaults and allowed them greater control over the counter or eliminarel system weight of use of arches joined the vaults, q shifted the weight of the vault to vault stitches and yego evolved to form nerve networks called q is different from Fig frma take q: vobeda quadripartite, sexpartite, stars, ... .. xo tiercerons this system did not release the thick wall exterior buttresses, asiq buttressing system is remodeled and contarfuertes separated by buttresses of the wall, q moved out the weight of the nerves outward . in this way got a cover system so configured clarestorio.sustituyen called the pillar consisting of the new pillar of support ribs, q receives the nerves of a vobeda q has as many columns as nerves will stand Romanesque was replaced x disappears and the clerestory, blind gallery Peqeña q runs through the building of arches xencima Delas naves.el separation wall was divided into 3: metal separation triorio and clarestorio.las plants: the plants left xo Romanesque pilgrimage in the new style transept arm tends to increase desaparecer.tmbn is the space for the exterior is covered Xuna deambulatorio.el row spider succession Composite input buttresses buttresses and q become progressively more complex and decorated . arqitectonicos use elements give sharp sensation xaaltura.los ion of pointed arches with gables began to reach completion, the needle towers and buttresses ornamentales.el culminated in pyramids very central body has a large rose window and a gallery with estatuas.evolucionaron the portads, aunq remained static: the arqivoltas figures, eardrums with stories, the mullion-columns and statues in the jambs of the entry.

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