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1-You don´t have to take a jacket

2-You should see a dentist

3-You mustn´t talk during the exam

4-They may have gone to the cinema

5-We shouldn´t have asked the other couple...

6-You can´t have seen John because...

7-Shall I bring you some magazines?

8-I ought to have paid half..

9-Megan had her teeth checked yesterday

10-Pete has his eyes checked every 6 mont

11-She said that the phone rang when she was having a shower

12-The advised us to check the tyres before leaving

13-She apologized for interrupting you

14-The man whose luggage was lost was flying to Cuba

15-My mom whose roast turkey is delicious makes it every Chritmas

16-Jan, who is from London, is a TV producer

17-We´ll be late unless we take the bus

18-If her cousin hadn´tbeen ill she could have stayed with him

19-If I didn´t forget my gloves my hands wouldn´t turn cold

20-Will you finish with your exams by Friday

21-At ten to eight I will still be cooking

22-I met Anne in Paris while i was living there.

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