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2.  1. Needn´t have washed up2. Must have gone3. Ought to have chosen4. couldn´t have done5. Would have hired6. Might have mentioned3.  1. Should apologise2. shouldn´t stay out

3. Should wear4. Had better leave5. Should buy6. Had better not forget4.  1. You had better be home by 11 o´clock2. Claire could have been a professional cyclist, but she never wanted to make an effort.3. You should have asked for permission before using my computer.4. May I ask you how much your bike cost?5. You shouldn´t have listened to our conversation. It was private.6. He might have forgotten about our meeting.7. This can´t be the original painting.8. He may call you tonight.5.  1. Might have not heard2. May not go3. Would have prepared4. Don´t have to rush5. Couldn´t have known6. Shouldn´t worry

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