Grammatical cohesion

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THE TEXT AND ITS PROPERTIES. "The text is a complete communication unit, oral or written, that occurs in a particular situation and with a certain intention comunicativa.-The properties or characteristics of adequacy. Coherence and cohesion.

FITNESS AND CONSISTENCY OF THE TEXT. "The text is adapted to the communicative intention of the issuer and the situation of communication. "A text is coherent, if the various statements that are: * They are interrelated, ie, refer to the same subject. * Maintain a logical relationship. * There are conflicting. * Make advance information, ie, provide new information.

LEXICAL COHESION AND SEMANTICS. "Consistency is expressed linguistically through cohesion, which may be lexical, semantic and grammar." Lexical: * The repetition of words .* The use of derived words. "Semantics, is achieved through repetition of meanings: * Synonyms and contextual synonyms (words that the text function as synonyms.) * Trunk Words, words of vague meaning in the context equivalent to another. * Hypernyms (words whose meaning includes the meaning of others) and hyponyms (words whose meaning is implicit in the other). * Antonyms, words of opposite meaning. * Words that belong to the same semantic field. * Reference to realities we associate.

GRAMMATICAL COHESION. Is achieved through:

"The article is anaphoric value, because attached to a name that has come before." The deictic, are words that refer to the grammatical persons. Are deictic: personal pronouns, adjectives and possessive and demonstrative pronouns, some adverbs (here, there ...) * They have value in pointing anaphoric words or sentences that have already appeared in the speech. (Anaphoric worthless if extralinguistic reality show) * cataphoric have value when they refer to something that will appear later. "The relative value is anaphoric because it points to an element of discourse that has come before." The verb forms maintain relations among themselves logical and temporal type that contribute to cohesive. "The ellipsis is the removal of elements of the text that the situation or context are unnecessary. * The conversation is very often the elimination of words or groups of words, because it is pretty obvious. * The text of deleted words because they have appeared or because they are understood. "Textual connectors are words or groups of words used in the text to mark the relations of meaning between the sentences or paragraphs of a text; guide the interpretation that the receiver should make the text; structures and the progress of the information. * Your position is variable. Connectors can be adverbs, conjunctions ...

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