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The line Graph shows changes in average global temperaturas between…from the years..To Around.., there was no significant rise in temperatures. However, in the Following decade, there was a slight increase, with temperatures rising around 2 degrees. From then, while there was some fluctuation in temperatures, there Was a small, gradual rise until 1970. At that time, temperatures had risen approximately 4 degrees on the…. After this date, there was a significant change in the Pattern. Moreover, a sharp, sudden increase could be seen, with temperatures Rising around one degree…. This steep rise in temp has continued until the present Day. In addition it can be said that since…has been no significant drop in Temperatures. Shows no sign of changing.

Writing to express my deep dissatisfaction With my return…

As you are on no doubt aware, there Were problems. I will, however, add my own comments.

Having already travelled for 5 hours To the airport, I was disappointed to find that there was a 4 h delay.

I accepted this as being part of the Travel experience.

He was supposed to give them

We were told that…but no further Information was given.

They closed, leaving many passengers Without

Most experts in the field agree that

It cannot be denied that

There is every reason to believe That

The advantages of..Strongly outweigh The disadvantages

I really think that it would be a Pity if we did not..

Im afraid that if

Thank you for taking the time to Communicate to us why

I received your complaint letter Regarding the poor quality..

It is universally acknowledged That..

For the great majority of people

A problem that is often debated Nowadays is that

This brings up to the question of Whether

Incidentally, we must not forget

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