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Tourism: increased tranks to industralisation the 2nd WW transport became cheaper. Since the late 1940sà trade liberalization and thanks to this the GDP per capita increased in the more developed countries. 1940sà welfare states were created. Main tourist destinations: Europe (Çcultural legacy), US(young country, dynamic, economic activity, recent development), Caribbean sea (warmer, close sea-temperature+ àpleasant

EvolutionTourismSpain: This graph shows the evolution of tourism in Spain and the period of time is from1955-2007. It´s a graph with 2 axis. Shows the number of tourist who visit Spain and the money they spend(income). We can see that Spain experiments a very important growth of tourism since the 1955s. This was called the Touristic Boom. The money spent by tourist has specially increased in the last decades. The graph shows the impact of some economic crisis like the 1973 oil crisis and the crisis in the early 1990s. If we had information of the period of the 2008 it was another peak.

INTERNATIONAL TOURIST: high GDP per capita, close to Spain, climate is better in Spain, very populated.


Consequences: Wealth creation, employment creation, contract between countries, infrastructure generation. Dis: Environmental damage (Infraction), Seasonal employment. Peak season: moment in which the tourist go more to a certain place.

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