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THE EPICA: old g + d literary Greek literature. Verse (hexameter doctilico). epica = åðïs: word, narrative, verse. Transmitted orally x bards, q q cntaban relats d eroes've probably had lived in the Mycenaean age. HOMERO: wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. Characteristics of the poetry of Homer: 1. artificial language: language used to be sung, is not homogeneous, since different layers coexist in dialectical: wind, ionic and attics. 2. diction make: repeat d epithets, referring gods, heroes, places, weapons .. eg Achilles, the swift-footed d. 3. verss repetition of integers to describe typical scenes as preparation d l a sacrifice. 4. verse hexameter. has d 6 feet, each foot may be formed 2breves x 1silaba long and is called d cocksfoot. the 2 short syllables can be replaced x long (spondee). ILIAD: 24 rhapsodies. and its argument is straight, told in a war game between cnflicto EDT strength q acontencio n d T. It begins in the 10 years war d. Ls 1 epidemic devastated the G d troops, and the soothsayer Calchas revealed the cause was q dl king Apollo anger. q xk was angry Agamemnon had abducted Criseyde. as booty of guerra.Para appease this anger, Agamemnon's release but to compensate for their lost king took Briseis, the slave d akiles. Est, wounded in his honor, he retired dl battle, the Greeks relied on q being deprived d your help re-establish their honor. But it happened one essential fact: ROYER, friend cntra d ls T akiles luxo, dnd hector killed him. sto anger akiles cn kien Agamenon forget their differences and agree to dislocate again. akiles end ahector and outrage killed his corpse. Tr d king Priam, I cross the Greek camp pa d to recover his son's body and offer funeral. akiles took pity and accept, The Iliad ends the funeral d cn ROYER and hector.

Odyssey: the travel ulises d king d Ithaca, returning to his homeland at the end of the Gd Tro, cnsta d 24 rhapsodies, and the argument cntiene jumps in time. is divided into 3 parts. 1. THE JOURNEY D TELEMAKIA TELEMACO O (I-IV) U is retained in the island d Ogigia x the nymph Calypso. In Ithaca he expected his wife and son. Penelope suffers harassment d suitors. Tele Aid cn d pa atenea get a ship to go to Pylos and Sparta, pa news consegue d his father. suitors prepare an ambush for his return. 2. ARRIVAL TO THE COUNTRY D DU Phaeacia (V-XIII) DCID gods sent Hermes to Calypso Island d pa k release to U. this is going but suffers a shipwreck caused x poseidon. but thanks to a sea nymph gets to Phaeacians Yegar will offer you a Bankete in his honor, and tell everything sucedido.3. ITAK SAD RETURN, AND LS VNGANZA D PRETENDIENTS. (XIII-XXIV) to accompany the Phaeacians U, X TV the way he meets together planning a pa vnganza pretas, Penis, dl proposed test arc, none passes except U, q is disguised beggar d, d tele aid cn lgo kill all pret. U is recognized x penis, and ends the poem U d cn visit his father. Homeric heroes: the Gd d ls PROTAS Tro, q sn heroes Luxan x Yegar to be the mjores in battle, their courage led them to seek gerrero success and be reconids. AKILS, HECTOR, PARIS, Menelaus (husband elena d) AGAMENN: s PAREC fisicament a god, Patroclus friendship NESTOR: Wisdom Odysseus cunning.WOMAN HOMER: have a apeta cndicion adapted to its faithful, family, weaver, prudent, sensible, cn beauty, deb known medicinal herbs, azer dioss worship, appears as nosy and AVCS xarlatana. PENIS: loyal, hardworking, fair and prudent. ANDROMACHE: d hector wife and mother d Astyanax, faithful and ideal wife. Hecuba: queen d tro, 2nd wife d Priam worship the gods, HELEN: wife d Menelaus and Queen d esparto. beauty. CIRCE: maga crafty ija d dl sun god, lives on the island q d Ea, beautiful and wise woman. CALIPSO: NIFA beautiful. NAUSICAA: Phaeacian princess, born d virtd dnde its purity and innocence of youth d feelings.

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