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Humanistic therapy

• Emphasize present and ability of Clients to solve their own problems after self-acceptance

Client-centered therapy (Carl Rogers)

 • Create environment in which client is able To find solutions to his or her problems

Cognitive therapies

 • Change distorted cognitions to eliminate Maladaptive behaviors.

Rational-emotive behavior therapy (proposed by greek philosopher Epictetus. PIONEER: Albert Ellis)

• Provide Therapist challenges and questions of client’s irrational ideas

• ABC framework (Ellis). See figure 14-2, Page 571

Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy

•He notes that depressed people Have negative views of the world, themselves, and their future- called Cognitive triad

• These distorted interpretations Are fueled by automatic thoughts – negative sentences repeated to Oneself

• Other cognitive Distortions include Selective abstraction and Overgeneralization

Someone who Focuses only on the negative aspects of an event and ignores the positive Details

Occurs when a person makes a generalization based On limited information

History of treatment (p. 561-564)

Where do people go to receive treatment?

– Outpatient treatment

– Inpatient treatment

– Combination treatment

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