Greening the sahara

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Greening the sahara

1. a)T:Egypt's population...get worse b)F: So the...10 years

3. a)vast b)likely c)because d)rather than

4. a)as-from b)travelling-most ancient c)was built-on d)which-to promote

The international year of the potato

1. a)F: only in...nor consumed b)F: over the next...people a year

3. a)goal b)flavour c)abundant d)surely

4. a)which-in b)stronger-more productive c)should be introduced-to solve d)if the new food policy would be successful

Self-driving google cars

1. a)F: With someone...human invention b)T: Because the robot...fuel consumption

3. a)Harder b)eventually c)reducing d)proof

4. a)bought-has been complining b)than-are lost c)are-driving d)by-an

What's in a name?

1. a)F: In britain, you...offensive words b)T: Some parents...novels and films

3. a)fashion b)choose c)equally d)such as

4. a)the most important-for b)if-searching c)likes-mispronounced d)baby's-whose

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