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Retailing: it’s a set of business activities that adds value To product and services sold to the consumer.

Why do consumers retail: Appeal consumers.

How do retailers create value: creating an ease of access, Placement, using props

What is electronic training? Guide you through the steps Needed to install, maintain, and repair electronics.

Why do consumers like electronic training? Appeals to Consumer because of convenience

Things to consider when placing your store: Where you place Your store, where you place the items inside the store, parking entrance and Physical position

What is IMC: (integrated marketing communication) It is communication That refers to the promotion aspect of the marketing mix.

Steps in communication process: Sender, transmitter or Encoder, the communication channel, the receiver or decoder.

What is noise: Anything that interferes with the relaying of A message

What is feedback: The sender can get feedback from the Receiver to see if the message was communicated.

What is AIDA: Awareness Interest Desire Action

Communication personal selling: It is a two-way Communication between the buyer and the seller.

What is direct marketing: It’s a form of advertising where organizations Communicate directly to customers through a variety of media.

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