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  1. Maquis: Guerrillas who resisted the Franco regime in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War.

  1. Marshall Plan:A plan of the United States for rebuilding the allied countries in Europe after WW2.

  1. Seccion Femenina:Women’s branch of the Falange, an extreme right-wing conservative political movement in Spain. The only women’s organisation during the dictatorship.

  1. Military base: A base or group of installations operated by or for the military that shelters military equipment and personnel, and facilitates training and operations.

  1. Rationing: Controlled distribution of resources, foods, goods, or services in times of scarcity.

  1. Straperlo: A fraudulent roulette which could be controlled electrically which was introduced into Spain in the 1930s. After the Spanish Civil War <<straperlo>> meant any business which was illegal, corrupt, or muggling, usually selling products on the black (illegal) market.

  1. Economic Autarchy: An economy that does no trade with the outside world: It is called a self-sufficient economy or a closed economy too.

  1. Isolationism: Political or economic policy that isolates a country from participating in international alliances or relationships.


Politics: Multi-party system and democracy.

Economy: Free-market economy

Society and culture: Freedom for expression and big social differences.

Country: USA


Politics: Single-political-party system.

Economy: State-controlled economy

Society and Culture: Freedom of expression is generally censored and small social differences.

Country: USSR

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