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terrible time-keeper, shopaholic,untidy,obsessively well organized,countless, tiny, inhospitable, furious, even, major, single-minded, addictive, bald-headed, bad-tempered, brown-eyed, curly-haired,easy-going,long-legged, rosy-cheeked, suntanned, warm-hearted, broken-hearted, absent-minded, broad-minded, self-centred, self-disciplined, big-headed, hard-headed, amazed/amazing, bored/boring, interested/interesting, pleased-pleasing, worried-worrying, satisfied/satisfying, casual, colourful, crowded, excited, formal, grand, imposing, relaxed, sophisticated, spacious.

Ankle(tobillo en el pie), calf(la parte de atras de la pierna baja), elbow(codo), heel(donde los tacones), hip(cadera), palm(palma de la mano), shin(parte delanteda pierna abajo), thigh(muslo), waist(cintura), wrist(muneca), elbow.
Keep an eye on someone, twist someones arm(force someone to do something), pull someones leg(play a joke on someone by making believe somethint not true), put your foot in it(say or do something wrong), be on the tip of your tongue(cuando lo sabes pero no te acuerda), give someone a hand, keep a straight face, picks someones brains(find out about something from someone who knows more about it)
Gale, very strong wind, blizzard,tormenta de nieve, heatwarve,mucha calor, downpour, heavy rain.
Chilly frio , soaking empapado , hazy niebla , breeze viento , warm, freezing, damp humedo , foggy nublado , gale viento , shower, scorching mucha calor.
cross your mind occur to you, make up your mind reach a decision, have in mind, catch your yes attract your attention, be up to your eyes in something not have the same opinion, not see eye to yeye , set your heart on something want very much, break your heart, your heart sinks fell very desanimado 

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