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 /ʌ/ Vowel no. 10

Unrounded, Central, between open and half open

Quantity: short sound

Distribution: never Occurs in final open syllables with the exception of huh /hʌ/

Graphemes: (u) – Drum, jump, luck(o) – before nasals – come, done, Monk, money-before /v/ - love, glove, above -others – other, mother, another, brother (ou) – young, touch, trouble, double

Exceptions: does, Twopence, blood/food

Difficulties: strong Tendency to pronounce the grapheme (u) followed by an (r) as /ʌ/when It should be  /ɜː/ instead – turner, burton, purple

/ə/ Vowel no. 12 (Schwa)

Unrounded, mid (halfway between close and open), central (halfway between front and Back).

Quantity: short vowel

Distribution: it may Occupy any position within the syllable

Schwa is Used for many vowels that have a reduced Vowel quality.

Graphemes: (a) – Allow, above, woman    (e) – policemen, violet, murderer            (i) – possible, legible(o) – ignorant, carrot  (u) – support, suppose

(ai)certain, Fountain(ar) – polar, particular(er) – mother, offer                       (ir) – confirmation (iou) – vicious, Delicious, gracious(ou) – colour, Callous

(ure) – figure, lecture, Future

Exceptions: cause in because (colloquial speech).

                         /əʊ/ vowel no.14

Quality: Narrow, back closing with A glide from /ǝ/ to /ʊ/ and quite noticeable lip-rounding at the end.


·Long Sound

·English /əʊ/ may suffer variations in length according to The phonetic context:

Fully Long (ə:ʊ) – home, low, goal

                        Reduced (ǝ.ʊ) or (ǝʊ): boat, golden, soap

·Minimal pairs – Robe/rope   grows/gross   road/wrote


/ǝʊ/ may occupy any Position within the syllable. Initial: Oak. Medial: Boat. Final: Slow

DifficultiesThe tendency of native Speakers to produce /oʊ/ instead.

Graphemes (o) so, go, no o + cons + e – home, Stone, spoke(oa) boat, goal, soap(oe) toe, foe, doe (ou) soul, shoulder, Though (ow) know, show, tow

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