What happened to a good man with his son

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How did the war alter the social face of Britain?
Full employment /Welfare of the workers was a national priority/clases mixed through evacuation and armed forces/uniforms and
clothes rationing made everyone the same/ people were fighting for the same cause
Why was the play set in 1912?
Period which was the opposite of what people wanted in 1945,/Play made titanic sank/Question
being raised ,do we return to values of the Edwarinperiod or move foward?
 Powerless to work.Emily Pankhurst began the sufraggete movement in 1903. Women of Sheila and Mr Birlings condition
simply learnt the skills of wirehood. The root of the good life. Was marrying the right man. Philantrophic movements, usually run
by women, helped to ease the consciences of the privileged fe. For Eva Smith was prostitution, to avoid and end she commits
suicide. Eric and Gerald type of class would take advantage Eva’s type of class.Edna, must obey to the Birlings.

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