What happened to a good man with his son

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Nate: It's the main character , its an attractive and sports 35 years old man that suffered the fact that his family lived in a mortuary, being the eldest son during hjis boy hood, he couldn't stnad following his father steps so, he ran away and study abroad.

He met Brenda, her wife. As he escaped home very young.
Finally, he finish his studied. It's a man with a strong personality and sometimes explisve, however he is unconfident in his relationships.

Claire: she isyoungest daughter with a pecualiar personality which makes her to be one of the most favouritecharacters, she studies in high school bus she's  a social misfit who doesn't like hanging out with people, almost all her relationships end dably and she often argues with her family because the consider that her behaviour is ridiculous specially wiht her mum although she is very intelligent and openmind person. She also experiments whit liberalismo lost she realized that's not her things during a big part of the serie we can tell she's growing up.

achieve a target- lograr objtivo
manage your costs- manejar los costes.
market share- cuota de mercado
socially responsible- socialmente responsable
economic development- desarrollo economico
energy crisis- crisis energetica
allow time- dar tiempo
meet a deadline-respetar los plazos
multi task- multitareas
save time- ahorrar tiempo / population growth:au pob
spend time- pasar tiempo
waste time- perder el tiempo/ global demand:
achieve a goal- logara objetivo/ workace
develop skills- desarrollar habilidad
down payment- pago al contado
improve performance-mejorar el funcionamiento
promotion prospects- perspectiva de promocion
take a step back- dar un paso atras

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