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64 AD - First roman persecution under emperor nero 
250 AD - Decius (edict about required sacrifices to roman gods)
257 AD - Valerian ordered Christian clergy to perform sacrifices to Roman gods and no longer allowed Christians to hold meetings in cemeteries
303 AD - General persecution of all Christians under Diocletian
293 - Seeing the need for further governing establishes a tetrarchy: Both an Augustus and a Caesar in the East and the West
The East: Diocletian-Augustus, and Galerius- Caesar
The West: Maximian-Augustus, and Constantius-Caesar
312 - Battle of Milvian Bridge
Constantine has a dream or vision at some point before the battle
In this dream, Christ comes to him and tells him to place the Chi Rho symbol on his soldiers shields and standards and his will win the battle
313 - Edict of Milan
Constantine meets with Licinius in Milan
The Edict of Milan is issued that allows for the legalization of Christianity and religious toleration for all
Licinius and Constantine essentially don't get along and continue to fight each other for years to come
320 - Licinius' persecution despite the Edict of Milan 
324 - Licinius defeats Constantine in battle 
Constantine wins
Licinius surrenders and in exchange for his life went to live in Thessalonica.
He doesn't get away with his life for long, a year later Constantine accuses him of plotting against him and he is arrested and hanged in 325.
Preached the Gospel in Mesopotamia (Iraq), Persia (Iran), Turkey, Armenia and India
Flayed alive and beheaded near modern-day Russia
Preached in Georgia, Istanbul (Turkey), Macedonia + Greece
Crucified on an X-shaped cross in Greece
Peter went to Rome to preach the Gospel
Martyred c. 64 AD under Emperor Nero in Nero’s Circus- crucified upside down
Preached in Greece, Syria and in Turkey 
Crucified in Hierapolis 
He preached in Babylon (present day Iraq), Persia (Iran), China, and India 
Stabbed to death with a spear in India 
Thaddeus (Jude)
Preached in Israel, Persia (Iran), Jordan, Syria, Mesopotamia (Iran) and Libya
It is also widely believed that Jude travelled and preached in Beirut, Lebanon 
Clubbed to death and then sawed/ axed to pieces 
James the Greater
Preached in Liberia (Spain) and throughout modern day Spain
Preached in Damascus and Jerusalem
Stoned and clubbed to death
Simon the Zealot 
Preached in the Middle East, North Africa, Egypt, and even Britain
Sawed into pieces 
Preached in Macedonia, Syria, Ethiopia, Judea, and Parthia (Iran)
Martyred while celebrating Mass
   God the Father in creation of Church - covenants
   God the Holy Spirit in creation of the Church - gifts/grace to accomplish mission 
   God the Son in creation of Church - through His death on the cross
   What is the mission of the Church - spread Gospel/Great Commission 
   Who is the most instrumental in the mission of the Church - Paul
   First Christian martyr -Steven {deacon}
   Where did Apostles begin to preach the Good News? Jewish  
   When did the first roman persecution of christians begin?64
   What building did the Romans model their building after? Basilica
   What was the name given to Christians who renounced their faith? Lapsi
   Edict of Persecution in 257 -Valerian
   In what year was the first systematic Roman Persecution? 250
   Which emperor had the worst/most severe persecution? Diocletian
   What happened in 312? Battle of *something* Bridge
   What does Constatine contribute his winning to? Kayro symbol
   What was one of the cons of the legalization of Christianity? Church to heresy,  
cultural Christianity
   Caesar-Opapism?Caesar has the ‘same’ authority as the pope
   What was the name of the Edict that allowed for the legalization of Christianity? Edict  
of Milan
   What did Diocletian establish that allowed for the rise of Constantine?293 Tetrarchy 
   What does ‘Ichthus’ stand for? Jesus Christ God’s Son Savior
   Where does the word ‘apology’ come from? Greek
   Where does the tradition of kissing the altar come from? Celebrate mass over the 
tombs’ of the martyr

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