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1-the dogmas of the catholic faith: the salvation of man is achieved through faith and good deeds (actions). Reaffirmation of the seven sacraments, the presence of christ in the eucharist and the worship of the virgin may and the saints. Declaration of the vulgate (latin translation of the bible by St. Jerome) as the only valid interpretation of the holy Scripture. 2-the new ecclesiastical discipline: prohibition of the sale of indulgences. Creation of diocesan seminaries to form a proper clergy. Obligation for bishops to reside in their dioceses and priests in their parishes. Obligation of the clergy to lead an exemplary life and remain celibate. 3-the catechism: Publication of the catechism, a summary of the basic teachings of catholicism and the moral guidelines that should be followed. 
1-doctrine: salvation is achieved through faith and good deeds. Seven sacraments: baptism, confirmation, communion, penance, anointing of the sick, matrimony and holy orders. Worship of the virgin may and the saints. 2-worship: mass is the main act of worship. The latin ceremonies are held in latin. The bible is read by the priest. Churches are dominated by an altar. Images are worshipped. Priests must be celibate. Numerous religious orders. 3-church: Obedience to the Pope in Rome, the supreme head of the church. Ecclesiastical hierarchy (bishops and cardinals) 
1-doctrine: Salvation is achieved through faith (Lutherans) and predestination (Calvinists). Two sacraments: baptism and communion. No worship of the virgin mary or the saints. 2-worship: Ceremmonies are simple and held in the vernacular language. The faithful read the bible and sing. Austere churches without images. Pastors can marry. Abolition of religious orders. 3-church: no obedience to the pope. No ecclesiastic hierarchy.

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