What happened to a good man with his son

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Ishmael: He was very unhappy whit his life in New York. He wanted to have an Interesting life and a new job.This voyage was going to become very Interesting and exciting.He was a sailor, he was going to see the World and he might have the opportunity to see the most Frightening whale in the sea.It was dangerous and difficult to hant Whales,especially for he, with little experience.

Peter Coffin:the manager of this depressing hotel

Kwee-Kweg: He´s a little crazy, but he´s not terrible.He is a good man.He´s Very quiet,and he usually goes to bed early.He´s got a frightening Face.He had the same tattos on is body and he had tattoos of frogs on His legs and he prays.Sometimes is a savage man.He´s not Superstitious

Captain Ahab: Captain lost a leg in a fight with The great white whale.He had many grey hairs on his head.He loocked Very strong.We could see the effects of his battle with Moby Dick.One Of his legs was artificial.It was white and made from the bone of a Whale .There was no foot at the end of his leg.The captain also had A frightening,long mark down one side of his face.He didn´t talk Anybody and the officers didn´t try to talk to him.He was a very Strange man.

Captain Peleg:an old man and one of the Pequod´s Propietors.

Stubb:the Second officer came from Cape Cod.He was a calm man and he didn´t Get nervous under pressure. He was friendly and worker well.He was Never frightened in any situation.He always had a short pipe in his Mouth.

Starbuck:The First officer was born in Nan tucket,and was in his thirties.He was Very thin after many years of hard work at sea and he was Serious,responsible sailor.He missed his wife and child in Nan tucket And this made him Kinder than the other sailors and more careful.But He was also superstitions.His father and brother were killed by Whales at the sea.

Little Pip:He was a happy bay.He had a Kind Heart and he was very intelligent.He often sat at the front of the Ship and played his tambourine.He never went in the harpoon boats.He Was small bay from Alabama 

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