What happened to a good man with his son

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  1. When he was younger, my brother played this game regularly.-My bother used TO PLAY THIS GAME WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER.

  2. I got married ten years ago.-I have BEEN MARRIED FOR TEN YEARS.

  3. Although she trains very hard, she hardly ever wins the matches-.Despite TRAINING VERY HARD, SHE HARDLY EVER WINS THE MATCHES.-DespiteTHE FACT THAT SHE TRAINS VERY HARD, SHE HARDLY EVER WINS THE MATCHES.

  4. She missed the bus so she had to take a taxi.-As SHE MISSED THE BUS, SHE HAD TO TAKE A TAXI.

  5. “Where have you left my books?” he asked me.-He wanted to know WHERE I HAD LEFT HIS BOOKS.

  6. “I’m not going to walk home alone tonight”, Mary said.-Mary said THAT SHE WAS NOT GOING TO WALK HOME ALONE THAT NIGHT.

  7. Don’t touch this painting, please”, the guide of the museum said.-The guide of the museum ASKED US/MENOT TO TOUCH THAT PAINTING.

  8. They didn’t reopen the museum until the end of the World War II.-The museum WASN’T REOPENED UNTIL THE END OF THE World War II.

  9. The detectives have shown him many photographs of the criminals.-He HAS BEEN SHOWN MANY PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE CRIMINALS.

  10. Everybody believes that that the robber has escaped to another country.-The robber IS BELIEVED TO HAVE ESCAPED TO ANOTHER COUNTRY.

  11. I’ll see you at the restaurant this evening if I don’t phone you to cancel.-Unless I PHONE YOU TO CANCEL, I’LL SEE YOU AT THE RESTAURANT THIS EVENING.

  12. I didn’t renew my subscription because I lost interest in the magazine’s articles.-If I HADN’T LOST INTEREST IN THE MAGAZINE’S ARTICLES, I WOULD HAVE RENEWED MY SUBSCRIPTION.

  13. In my opinion, you should join a Fair Trade organization as a volunteer.-If I WERE YOU, I WOULD JOIN A FAIR TRADE ORGANIZATION AS A VOLUNTEER.

  14. It’s a pity I didn’t help Mark when he felt depressed.-I wish I HAD HELPED MARK WHEN HE FELT DEPRESSED.

  15. This is the story of a man. His wife suddenly loses memory.-This is the story of a man WHOSE WIFE SUDDENLY LOSES MEMORY.

  16. The film they were talking about is very good.-The film about WHICH THEY WERE TALKING IS VERY GOOD.

  17. Perhaps she lost her mobile phone on the bus.-She MAY/MIGHT/COULD HAVE LOST HER MOBILE PHONE ON THE BUS.

  18. It is forbidden to drive down this street.-You MUSTN’T DRIVE DOWN THIS STREET.

  19. It isn’t necessary for us to book a table.-We DON’T HAVE TO / DON’T NEED TO / NEEDN’T BOOK A TABLE.

  20. I’m sure she was very beautiful because she worked as a model.-She MUST HAVE BEEN VERY BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE SHE WORKED AS A MODEL.

  21. Samsung has got more useful applications than Apple.-Apple has not got AS MANY USEFUL APPLICATIONS AS APPLE.

  22. I spent some weeks recovering from my illness.-It took ME SOME WEEKS TO RECOVER FROM MY ILLNESS.

  23. I would prefer to watch a romantic film rather than go out.-I’d rather WATCH A ROMANTIC FILM THAN GO OUT.

  24. If I were you, I would study hard for the exam.-You’d BETTER STUDY HARD FOR THE EXAM.

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