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Your most Important asset is a database -> a way to get in touch with your customer. 6 keys of successful implementation: Actively engaged in a CRM system. 1. Get a vision: People do not like change, so spend time in the Beginning to think what will success look like? So you do not have to train Everyone twice. Also think what would make this a widely successful project for You? (Ideal world) • Create a strategy by defining your sales process • Plan For the long term: keep it simple, not too many fields • End-user adoption (larger cause of failure)   2. User-friendly design: focus on views (layout) • Put things in function in order With consistency. • Consistent= leads and contacts in the same order • Add fields To Global List Views (who and responsible for it) • Creating views is the most Important skill you can teach your people to use • Views are used for a mass Update, to search with field search • Home screen is unique to each user and it Can be modified • Views are also used for campaigns, for workflows with rule Criteria (to select the contacts I want) • Views are used to create reports, by Understanding criteria   3. Implement built-in features • How to download apps • Add some workflow (follow-up, change the Status of the company, sales team's lives easier and data cleaner) • Build good Quote template or a mail merge by writing everything you can do for a client And deleting what you don't need   4.Set up reports: • Report scheduler (send a reporter New notes) • Create charts • Advanced CRM Analytics to compare a lot of things And doing percentages and calculations   5.Add other apps: • Zoho campaigns module (keeping Track of how you are marketing your business) • Zoho campaigns app - send mass E-mails and create a template (creates a record and tells you how many were Sent and on each record you can see who clicked, who entered, etc. You can see What happened on each data record)   6.Train your team • Help them see what's in it for Them • Focus on the goals, not keystrokes • Teach the 5 things they will need To survive • Assign internal support (Someone who can help team members) • Create follow-up tips • Schedule more than one training • Have tips, Newsletter, how to do basic things

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