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TEMA 5.General context: Enlightement could be considered an intellectual Problem which was specially important in England.Its goes from the Glorious revolution to french revolution.But it includes 2 Periods;Augustan period(1680-1750)Considered as aperiod of peace Untill the 7 years war in europe+jacobite wars in england. 2 Half of The 18 century:1776->declaration of America independence.1789-> French revolution.There were also an Agricultural Revolution,improvement in comunication and Emerge of the public Sphere->space of public debate,for political questions or others Relevant topics for society-> politically relevant and i took Olace in clubs etc..Enlightenment: intellectual Movement of the 17-18 century, which brings a new order of tings and Its based on:1)Secularitation that makes faith in reason a new Guide,opposed w/ the light of faith and the authority of Tradition.This lead to separation btw religious and science and theis Diff. Approaches to reality. It deals also w/ scientific theories of The structure of society.2)Crisis in the idea of orders:-split btw Man and nature.-relation btw modern individual and social Order.3)iverse attitudes towards:-new idea of nature,-power of Tecnology,-power of reason.4)Defence of plain style against Rhetorical ornament.Language as a systen of naming.Crisis Of the idea of order:Diff. Idea of the creation of universe-> they still believed it was Created by god.There is a separation btw man and nature ->traditionally they were both integrated into god´s order of Things with a separation btw human being related w/ technology and Nature became an object of knowledge and exploration.Moral Sense:asociated W/ sensibility ,as the capacity to perceive and feel the good, not Just evil.Its not based in rational senses,feelings, something Implicit in human nature. Acording to the moral, the individuals tend To be good and to act normally.Diverse Attitudes towards: -New Idea of nature.-the power of technology on society.-the power of Reason.-use of satire.Sentimentalism:Related W/ tears.It put emphasis on emotions->feelings are an element on Themselves in moral terms,characters actmjust in order to feel and to Enjoy their feelings->they do good in order to feel Good.Benevolentism:related W/laughter.It put emphasis on goodnes.The do good for its own sake, And they feel good because of doing it.CULTURRE OF SENSIBILITY: Community:is based on personal relations and good feelings btw Members of the community.Society: is based on conections and laws and People don´t know each other.Augustan Literature:the rise of the novel: 1) Philosophical Essay on human nature ,human understanding, social order and Religious:-Shaftesbury-Mandeville-Locke-Berkely-Hume,2)This period is Called the age os sattree, and the writters and normaly M¡novelists.3)Journalistic Essay ;asociated w/ the importance of Newspapers.4)Travel books: sort of travel diaries which also dead w/ Fiction .%)Poetry:Alexander pope is specially relevant.6)The Novel:-daniel defoe-jonathan Swift-s.Richarson-h.Fielding-lawrence.Novels: are sellar by Deflection, even the religiousones.They are part of the modern Culture.Theis techniques are ambiguous.They are written in prose.The Realist vs.The pure novel:While Pure novels are much more concerned w/forma, realist novels are less Soncern w/ form and much mor w/verolimilitude its aim is to make it Look real.The narrator:was common to use the 1 and the 3 person.3 PERSON WAS OMNISCENT;it knows the world that surrounds the story and Coul guide and explainto the readers the feelings andbehavior of the Character.2 PERSON; wasn´t omniscent, it could tell what he,she Feels by him/herself but not about others character´s feelings.THE RISE OF AESTHETICS:Its With the seven years war(1756-1763) and ends w/ the french Revolution(1789).Cultural events were; Srtruggle of civil rights, Economis and politics changes and the change of sensibility Ongoing.The Materil conditions of production of literature:they Were similar to the first half of the 18 century .-the clubs,-the Newspaper,-increase of literacy abd insttallments.The culture (traditions and costums) were very important for social Order.Comunity was based on personal relations->sentimentalism, But its limits was society,formed by impersonal relationships,where People didnt know each other but were related by culture.Poetics:The Rise of aesthetics.The beautiful and the sublime were two  dimensions Of the reality:the one in which we normaly live(empirical dimension) And the non-empirical one(dimenion of the sublime)There is a Discountinity between them-you cant pasfrom one  dimension to Another.Thwe sublime secularizes the religious dimenion.Beautiful Vs. Sublime: BEAUTIFUL:its Enjoyable,it pleaces us.Its present and can be recornised in the Objects of the world.Also is something we can share.SUBLIME:it cant Be identified,its not an object of perception,but a presence or a Feeling.You are speechless towards it.

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