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One of the main Advantages is that television acts As a company for many people, not only for those that for different reasons of Life are alone, but also for those One of things That worries people most nowadays is The enviroment. In the last few decades, Humans have been polluting way too Much, which has had a negative Effect on the enviroment. For this Reason, we must protec it from now On( a partir de ahora).

First, We ought to start paying attention To the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse and Recycle. (de este modo) By doing so, We will reduce the quantity of rubbish, we will Not throw away so many things and we Will be able to recycle most of our waste.

Second, A very good idea to stop using cards So much and start cycling or walking A little more. For example,(en lugar De ) instead of commuting by car, we can try to do it on foot or by bike.

Finally, if we really want to change things, we should teach young pupils about the Dangers of cntamination and pollution.(Es este el unico modo) It´s the only way to change the future, for the reason that they are the Future citizens of the world.

In conclusion, I believe that if we do these three things, we can still prevent humans from Destroying the enviroment.

AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED por lo que ami respecta..

OUR PRIMARY CONCERN IS (nuestra principal preocupación es…).

Everybody knows that Computer has changed not only the way of communicating but also the way of Working. Yet it has positive and negative sides at the same time.

To start With, computer makes daily routine Easier for those who use it. Another advantage of this is internet, that gives Access to a 
wide range wide of information. What is more, it has improved lives of those who Live in rural areas or isolated communities all around the world.

In Contrast, spending too much time on The net can be harmful since it could cause anti-social tendencies and medical Problems, particularly kids who could spend their time in outdoor recreation.
In short, computer has clearly improved our Days, but we must be careful 
with how we use it.

if ord tell  you look up the wevision, the most common Definition is: a thing shaped like a box with a screen, which you use to watch Programmes, but for many people it represents more than that.  However, it has its advantages and Disadvantages.
who like cooking, studying or simply drink a cup Of tea accompanied by the colourful images that this box shows us. Furthermore, television is a manner That people have to be well-informed about everything that happens outside Their home: for example, the weather, what happened with this or that famous Couple and also if the traffic is complicated or not.

On the Other hand, television has some Disadvantages. In spite of the fact that, it allows you to be in contact with Information from the outside world, you have to bear in mind that not Everything that shines is gold, so not all the information that television Shows us is true. Another disadvantage is that television has the power to show Us what they want. As a result, we never know if the information that we are Receiving is complete or if it is only a half of it.

Taking everything into account, it seems to me That television is not a box that shows us programmes, as the definition of the Dictionary says, but this box is not empty. Many people participate in The 
realisation production of those programmes that television Shows us. In addition, those people have an enormous power to manipulate us in The way that they want. In consequence, we have to be bar in mind what kind of Programmes we watch in order to be selective and not to fall in the Manipulation of televisio

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