What happened to a good man with his son

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The Impossible

Is a Tragedy film based in a true story directed by J.A. Bayona that happened the Christmas holiday in 2004 in Thailand where there was a terrible tsunami that End with the life of thousands of people. All started when the family formed by Bennet, Maria, Lucas, Simon, Tomas were in Thailand in a Christmas holidays Travel, when one of the days they were in the swimming pool of the hotel Relaxing. Bennet the father was playing in the swimming pool with his sons Simon and Tomas, the smallest of the family while her wife and his other son Were out of the pool sunbathing and reading a book. All started to move and Vibrate and in less than a minute a big wave come to the other side of the sea Breaking everything and killing thousands of people. The principal role of the Family started when the sea is again calm and Maria and one of her son are Wounded and trying to find the surface of the water. The action continues when They had to help other people in a local hospital while they are looking the Rest of the family.

I recommend This film because is awesome and is one of my favorite film I think that it Have nice effects and also a really good plot I didn´t have anything that I Don´t like and I also recommend.    

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