What happened to a good man with his son

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would you like to came with me?Id love to/would you mind dont smoking in class/i regret spending so much money/I remember closing the windows/i regret inform you that your father has passed away/im not used to getting up so early/i look forward to hearing notice from you/he couldnt afford to buy a new car/he makes me repeat that twice/i wont allow you to do that/i advised them not to do it/she heard me enter/I wanted my friend to came to the party/He taught me how to press the button/she told me to stay/i want him to come with me tonight/i didnt tell her to go, i told her to stay/did you ask your brother to come to the party?/did you want me to write the letter today?/tell marta to give him/do you want me to tell you what happened?/the teacher wanted pupils to a dictation/do you like me to ask a white coffee for you ?/i didnt expect you to do it so soon/we decided them to come with us/the teacher make us speak english/i usually do my homework every day/every two hours we stop the car to change seats/i couldnt help laughing when i heard the joke /one day you will regret wasting your time/i cant prevent her from speaking to the press/i wont forget to call you/they dont allow people to smoke in the office/that man seems to be following us/i dont want her to marry that boy/i dont like you to shout at me/children usually play in parks/my parents would love me to study abroad/she hasnt stopped smoking yet/when i was a child, i didnt use to watch cartoons/when i lived in palma, i used to go swimming every day/my sister didnt use to be afraid of spyders until she saw a tarantula/doing the exam shouldnt take you more than hour and a half/imagen teaching in new york. It cant be easy/i want to stop smoking/do you want me to stop smoking?/i want you to stop smoking/eating fresh fruit is good for you/she is very good at solving problems/i love going holidays but i miss seing my friends/she has just finished doing her homework/the children have stopped acting up and failed asleep/i cant imagine getting good marks at the end of the term.

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