What happened to a good man with his son

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TATTOOS The discovery of mummies with..1b,2b,3true is it thought..,4true the polinesian..,5flse they began Adorning..6true after World War. 7reduce. 8laughter.9bravery10about. 11evidence.12have beenworking.13they don’t have to attend the lecture.14 a falling rock hit him while skiing  up in the mountains 15.How are tattoos created? WHO INSPIRED THE “GAMES OF THE THRONES” CREATOR Gorge R. Martin has always mainteainded that the had been1.D2.C3.False line8 4.False line 9 5.Trueline13 6.Falseline9 7.Boring 8learning 9.Investigate 10.To 11.Unable 12.Remind 13.I wish I was on a desert island right now 14.”games of trones” is a best-seller wich was written by George 15.He is considered to be an expert on cricket16.Mary suggested going  to the cinema on Tuesday 17.Went do you have to wear a uniform?LA TOMATINA 1.A 2.C 3.Trueline5  4.Trueline9 5.Falseline12-13 6.Trueline15-16 7.Unpopular 8.Succeed9.Glogal 10.Laughing 11. Across 12,useful 13.There are many people as hard working as james14.He said to her: write to me while I am away 15.I would have + pp 16.Since I attented la tomatina17.The deposit fot the new flat wasn`t paid by jame  SAFE SWIMMING Whem the summer holidays 1.C 2.C  3.B  4.Trueline2-3  5.Flaseline8-9  6trueline12 7.Disability 8.Excellency 9.Aim 10.Had already left 11.Joint-s 12.On 13.He is said to  be a good trainer 14. They  could have saved their lives 15.Dont do this again!He  said to me 16.That girl over there, whose mother is a well-known artist, is in my class  17.How long has my brother been swimming?WHAT IS CYBERBULLYING? It is currently reported that up to 69% 1.C 2.D 3.Falseline3-4 4.Falseline9-11 5.Trueline12-13 6.Trueline15-16 7.Danger 8.Humiliation 9.Threaten10.Skip 11. Also 12.At 13.Ciberbullying is also experienced by a lot of celebrities 14. You must also consider taking ascreenshot 15.They would take handkerchiefs 16.Nobody in the classroom was able to find the bully, who was hidden in the closet 17. How often do big companies upgrade their technology? LADY INBLACK Mistery surrounded a woman.. 1.B 2.A 3.D. 4.Falsline2 5. Falseline11-12 7.Accommodation 8. To 9.Almost 10respectble 11.Came 12. Agree 13. My daughters saw the lady, who had walked all around the country 14. Where did she come frome? 15. Fans created a facebook page to track her travels 16.People thought that she might be a muslim because she covered her body with long clothes 17.They would bring handkerchiefs for their tears.

.VIDEOGAMES A teenager died nagers died at…1. C 2. C 3. Falseline14 4trueline9-10 5.Falseline11-12 6. Trueline17 7.Dead 8.Refusal 9.Collaose 10.Coming 11. Bosss 12.Embarrasing 13.Videogames should not be so addictive for young people 14. My nephew who had won an international competition loves videogames 15. The man asked him: will you visit take long? 16.The bought the computer game for 65€  17. How did the feel when they heard the news? MASS TOURISM CAN KILL A CITY we have all been a tourist.. 1. D 2.D 3.Falseline9-10 4.Trueline12-13 5.Falseline8-9 6.Falseline16-17  7.Invade 8.Up 9. Figure-s 10.Jealousy 11.Purchases 12.Have studied 13. Faster than me14.Whose flat did peter buy? 15. I am looking forward to running the new York marathon 16. I enjoy spending money when I am on holidays 17. Mary, who was born in venice, is studying violin SCREEN DINOSAURS in 1922 a short film.. 1.B 2.C 3.False 4truye 5. True 6. False 7.Research 8. Beyond 9.Up 10. Have ever seen 12.Pray 13. Paremts should taken good care of their children 14. How did Cecilia bake the carrot for? 15.You woulnd have had an accident 16.The owner showed us the house 17. This room ia not warm enough for the baby FOREVER YOUN denotion that growing.. 1. C 2.A 3. Trueline1-2 4. Trueline2-3 5. False line5 6. Flaselie8 7 wander 8. Archiever 9. Was studying 10. Out 11. Safe 12. Cheat 13. Having her shutters of her bedroom repaired tomorrow 14. What did your grandma teach you? 15 I would like to have another cup of tea please 16. Liz asked me if I could do her a favour. 17 I don’t now what she had don’t.

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