What happened to a man who had to clean the liver

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cold:freezing,hungry:starving,silly:ridiculous,pleased:deligthed,big:massive,beatiful:stunning,good:wonderful, clean:sportless,small:tiny,surprised:astonish, wet:soaking, bad:awful, angry:furious, dirty:hilarious, attractive:gorgeos. I live in Jujuy with my family, Iam visiting a my granmother at the hospital,I have travelled to tucuman, My mother has been cooking chicken.A policeman is someone who protect the people,Maradona was the man who had played in the argentine team. Conditiona:if you freeze water,it turns intorice.If he is busy now ,i will come back tomorrow.If i won the lottery,i would travel around the world,if i hadent rained,we would have gone finishing.She will be a good football player,He is going to study for the exam,We will have travelled to london by this evening,she will be visiting her mother.Modal verbs:I I should call my parents more often,You must not drink and drive,she should go to a doctor today,you will be able to meet my wife tonight.

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