What happened to a man who had to clean the liver

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1. What date is today?
Thursday, The fourteenth of December two thousand and seventeen.
2. What time is it?
It’s a Quarter pas four.
3. Fill in on the correct form The words in brackets.
This Is the (interesting) most interesting Book I have ever read.
Non-smokers Usually live (long) longer than smokers.
Which Is the (dangerous) most dangerous animal in the world?
A Holiday by the sea is (good) better than a holiday in the mountain.
It is Strange but often a coke is (expensive) more expensive than beer.
Who is The (rich) richest woman on the earth?
We can Run (fast) as fast as they can.
My mum Is (not/strict) as not strict as your mum.
Your Mobile phone is (trendy) as trendy as mine.
Matrix II was (not/interesting) as not interesting as Matrix I.
4. Translate to Catalan (on Spanish).
We are Going to cover you with a blanket. Nosaltres et taparem amb una manta.
Pass Me the tweezers, please. Passem les pinces, si us plau.
He Sprained his ankle. Es va esquinçar el turmell.
I’m Getting dizzy. M’estic marejant.
My left Arm and my left leg hurt me.Em fa mal el braç i la cama esquerra.
She is Going to check your blood pressure.Ella et mirarà la pressió.
They Take him in a backboard.Ells el treuen amb una taula espinal.
Her lung Is punctured. Ella s’ha perforat el pulmó.
He Died on Wednesday at 3:30 am. Ell va morir dimecres a dos quarts de quatre de la Matinada.
She Has a bee Sting.A Ella l’ha picat una abella.
5. Translate to English.
Tu et vas Trencar el braç dret.You broke you right arm.
Hola! Som Tècnics d’emergències i anem ajudar-te. Hello! We are technicians On emergencies and we are going to help you.
Tinc molt Mal d’estomac. Crec que vaig menjar massa ahir. I have a lot of stomachache. I Think I ate too much yesterday.
Neteja-li la Ferida amb aigua i sabó (a ell).Clean his wound with water and soap.
Ella esta Estossegant molt.She is couching a lot.
La infermera Li a posat una injecció (a ell). The nurse put him a shot.
Encén les Llums de l’ambulància.Turn on the Ambulance light.
Tanca la Porta de darrera, si et plau.Closet he back door, Please.
Què estàveu Fent quan (ella) ha caigut?What were you doing When she fell down?
6. Complete the sentences.
You Are ok. Aren’t you? Yes, I am.
You Don’t smoke. Do you? No, I don’t.
You Didn’t drive the ambulance. Did you? Yes, I did.
You Were playing at the park. Weren’t you? No, I wasn’t.
They Will help me. Won’t day?Yes, They will.
We Won’t call them. Will we? No, we won’t.
I am In Girona. Aren’t I?No, I’m not.
They liked My present. Didn’t they?Yes, They did.
7. Temps verbals
I Usually (get) get up at eight am.
You (go) Went to cinema last Saturday.
He (read) Readsthe newspaper after.
He (arrive) Will arrive tomorrow afternoon.
She is (swim) swimming in the swimming pool now
It (rain)was raining white they Were walking (walk) in the park.
We (get) Were getting home when we had (have) the accident.
You (cough) Are coughing a lot at the moment.
They (to Be) are at the hospital now.
They (travel) Will travel to Australia next summer.
8. Passar a negatiu.
I don’t get.
You Didn’t go.
He Doesn’t read.
He Won’t arrive.
She Isn’t swimming.
It Wasn’t raining / They weren’t walking.
We Weren’t not getting / We didn’t have.
You Are not coughing.
They Aren’t.
They Won’t travel.
9. Passar Interrogatiu
Do I Get?
Did You go?
Does He read?
Will He arrive?
Is she Swimming?
Was it Raining? / Were they walking?
Were We getting? / Did we have?
Are You coughing?
Are They?
Will They travel?
10. Adverbi o adjectiu
He is A (good)good driver. He Drives (good) well.
The Nurse is a (careful) careful person. She put him a shot (careful) carefully.
You Learn English (easy) easily. Do you think English is an (easy) easy Language?
This Exercise is (easy) easy. You can do it (easy) easily its.
11. Complete the dialog.
Hello my Name is john and I am a paramedic.
What’s Your name?
My Name is Joe.
How Old are you?
I am 36.
Where Are you from?
I am From England.
What Happened?
I feltdizzy and I fell.
Does any part of your Body hurt?
Yes my Right arm does.
Are You allergic to any medication?
No, I’m not.
Ok. We Will take you hospital.
Thank You very much.
You’re Welcome.

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