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I should speak english             She is susana she is 30 years old

Yo deberia hablar ingles           she is tall and thin. Her hari is a long

I should dance                        and brow. Her eyes green. She wear

Yo deberia bailar                      glasses. She is elegant clothes. She is

I should speak france.              Nice cheerful and reliable. She is

Yo deberia hablar frances.        Wearing black drees and some black


I must stady more.                   Tom is tall and fat. He has got big

Yo debo estudiar mas               eyes an big nose. He has got long

I must eat healthy                     fair hair. His hair ears are big.

Yo debo comer sano.                He has got  beard. Tom is wearing a

I must stop smoking                  a light blue t-shirt, dark blue trousers

Yo debo dejar de fumar             and black triners.

I can ride a bike                       My name is jeni my surmane is

Yo puedo montar en bici           serrano. I`m forty years old. I

I can drive                                was born Torreperogil. I can

Yo puedo conducir                   say that I am normal, I am a

I can dance.                              Person of medium height. I am

Yo puedo bailar.                  Thin. I have a round face. I have

                                                 the nose

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