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VERB TENSES                                             COND
I'ts been - I haven't seen Dan for            i have-hadn't helped

Marcus - been learning French for            if patrick-unless he arrange
How long- did you get                            you press- button the mixer starts
i haven't been- last time I swam               i only-wouldn't have told
Shakespeare - died 400 years ago               i think-were you i would
it's over - haven't met for                         i've-wouldn't have been
they lasy - haven't spoken for                 the doctor-will not see you unless
sally- has been living in                                GERUND OR INF
the bank - had already closed                   steve- like learning
john- after he had blown                          due-let the children play
look- is going to rain                                 my- made me see
i'm sure- will have left                               he- avoided making any
you can- will be waiting for you                it's- remember to pay
i haven't seen- ages since i last                   meeting- didn't expect to meet
PASSIVE                                                        i'll-didn't mind helping
the police are- are being interviewed          i'm- regret don't go
many people-is believed to have               i have- don't remember going
the strong-were blown down during             MODALS
tha man- was being watched by                  it's- may have forgotten
they started- was set up                              tourists are not allowed enter
the queen-is being opened by                         i think- will be able to
the lord-was built by the lord                       i'm sure-must have been
the police have- has been cancelled              i advise- should talk to your
yesterday- old trees were cut down                may-if i could
RSPEECH                                                 i'm sure janet-can have been sleep
Do you-if she knew shere                          you can't-aren't allowed
did- if i had been to                                  perhaps-might have miss
have- if she had been                                i'm afraid-are not allowed to
why don't-suggested coming                   i'd see-ought too see
you should-mr jenking to take up             he couldn't- wasn't able
how-suggestes going                                 we got-didn't need to
remember-reminded me to give
what-asked me what i thought
i'll call-he would call later
i didn't-denied having broken

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