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1. Has been studying./Feel./Have discovered./Are told./Should try.

2. Show./Wasn't./Can't make./Didn't happen./Were interviwed./Makes up.
3. -Dr edward, who is an expert on RB, has written several books about him
    -RI had his first story published by the literary magazine.
    -It's not possible that he couldn't have commited the crime because he was at home all evening.
4. -Since 2009 we have been developing...
    -If she told me the news, i would have know.
    -The last seat had been taken by someone.
    -Pete promised not to be late again.
    -You can't take dog in the town hall.
    -Isla said: i phoned him yesterday.
5. - She asked the shop assistant if she could try on a pair of this jeans.
    -If hadn't made bad decisions, he wouldn't have lost all his money.
    -The last slice of toast had been eaten by someone.
    -She is the gire whose hair is pink.
    -The teacher order her students not to shout in class.
    -Eating ginger may help fight off cords.
1. Agreeable./Trustful./Signature./Movement./Fairness.
2. -Offered himself to buy me a drink.
    -I warned my friend not to eat curry because it was spicy.
    -Allie suggested watching a DV.
    -The teacher invited the student to go into her office.
    -The deletician advice the patient to cut down the amount of sugar in her diet.
3. Pig out./ Fried-eggs./ Chineese-food./ Chop up-tallas./ Whip up./ Low fat-yogurt./ Tender-steak./         Revolting-disgusting.

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