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Heteroproteinas or Protein Complex
Are formed by some protein (protein group) and other non-protein called prosthetic groups.

Glycoproteins: the prosthetic group is a glucoside. They are found in cell membranes where they play an antigenic function. Eg immunoglobulins and prothrombin.
Phosphoproteins: The prosthetic group is phosphoric acid. The casein in milk and yolk of the egg yolk in this group.
Lipoproteins: The prosthetic group is a lipid. Many lipoproteins are part of the plasma membrane. Tb is a group of these k is responsible for transporting lipids in the bloodstream.
Chromoprotein: The prosthetic group is a pigment. This group may contain the porphyrin prosthetic as in hemoglobin, myoglobin and cytochromes. Not included in other porphyrin as hemocyanin.
Nucleoproteins: The prosthetic group is a nucleic acid. Nucleoproteins are considered the association between DNA and histones to form chromatin

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