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1. 3D printing has existed for About a year F – “Designers, Architects and engineers have been using the technology for years …” . Today, 3D printers are Mainly used by professionalsT – “Designers, architects and engineers have Been using the technology for years …” . Inventors hope that 3D Printing will become a household normF – “… if 3D Printing becomes readily available, it will make it very difficult for Inventors to protect their rights to their inventions or designs.” EJ3 . TinkerCAD and Google Sketchup are mentioned in the text becausethey are examples of online software used to design objects 2. If 3D printing becomes popular, people may stop purchasing items from manufacturers 3. In the US, 3D printer shopscan be found in a number of locations EJ4 1. Unbelievable far-fetched 2. Moved  transferred  3. Worriedconcerned 4. Easily  readily 5. Be careful  watch out 

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