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This book is about a woman named Anna Maria and dies from a heart attack, and while in the coffin and all its relatives are around it is remembering things that are happening in life with each of the people who come to she.

There was Zoila who was his friend and was a type of breast since as a child she accompanied her real mother as she died.

Also there was her children, Anita a woman of 20 years and two children, a married man with Alberto Maria Griselda, he was very jealous of her and for that reason it had in its estate and she was angry with him.

And his other son Fred, was the darling of his mother and was a curious child and a little naughty.

After a while she feels a noise of horses approaching the room where she was dead, was Ricardo's first love, her pregnancy with him when they were young, but before their relationship and they were friends after 3 years started to love, knowing that she was pregnant, he abandons her and she suffers a lot but after a while she loses the baby.

There was also his father, she was very frightened by her father know she was pregnant, the girl forever when her mother asked.

In front of her was her sister, Alicia, a girl who was very religious and he and his sister grew up on a Catholic school, while Ana Maria to mischief at the school and to annoy the nuns.

Fernando, who was her lover, was also there accompanying her but somehow he was saying he was happy that at last could rest since he always took care to solve their problems, tells Ana Maria as his wife Agnes died and she frightening the way he has the coolness with which to cope.

She also tells of her husband Antonio, a man cold and distant, she did not love him but separated a few months to realize that if he loves and goes home.

Then when she is wearing in the coffin and listen to Father Charles and recalls a conversation that I asked Ana Maria and wanted the sky, and she replied that she wanted to be was the earth earthly, he also remembers when she was sick and Father Carlos tells you if you want to confess, but she tells him that morning because the doctor comes, but after a while she starts to fail as the heart was very sick and had to give him extreme unction, and in that moment of truth begins to die and live the death of the dead ...

She also says she could get back up and live but it said it wanted to rest, to die.

III Third Flat

1. Characters:

  • Protagonist: The main character is laid out and named Ana Maria, her husband was Antonio and had 3 children, Albert, Fred and Anita.

She was a woman of good heart but had many problems on her cheating husband and that another woman and for that reason felt hatred. She had many problems since childhood by the absence of her mother and with his dad because he was very cold to her, and when you get married you realize that she could be alone and dependent on Zoila it was like their mother, a example is that Annemarie could not even comb alone.

Physically it looked like a pretty woman with long eyelashes with delicate hands.

His hair was thick and nice but the disease became more humid and heavier.

She had a good economic situation was somewhat capricious and lived in the country in his estate.

  • Antagonist: I think the opponent is the feeling of love, for love by Ana Maria suffers a lot because of Richard's young woman becomes pregnant and not having a formal relationship with the hides of his family and especially his father for the reaction that might have to know. Although he lost the son.

And then Antonio suffers because at first she did not love him and whether and for that reason she leaves the house but then you realize if you really loved him but Antonio became cold and deceiving her.

  • Secondary:

Alicia: She is the sister of Amortajada (Anna Maria). Together with Ana Maria was raised in a Catholic college. Alicia was a very religious girl and always prayed the rosary while Ana Maria spent grabbing antics in that school.

Physically she was very beautiful, because she was blond and curly, girl forever when all her cousins and Anna Maria were jealous of him for being blonde and pretty, but over time it increasingly became more sad and with that change also changed his appearance physical and she was growing paler and more ugly.

-Zoila: She was his "nanny" because at birth she was always with her and the death of Ana Maria's mother took care of her she always was the one who made all things to Amortajada both what he did for her that when he had to take her home with her because she depended on her.

It was an elderly woman with gray hair.

"Fernando: he was the confidant of Anne Marie, she had all her things. She often claimed that he never responded nor advised. He was her lover but also in their family was like the friend and Antonio had a lot of jealousy on the supposed friendship that had them 2.

Fernando was also married to Agnes, but she commits suicide with a drug called veronal, and in a moment in the play tells Ana Maria the incident. He said that his wife did not look sad to kill himself.

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