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It's almost September, I decided to make some resolutions because I want to improve some things in my life before school starts again. Who says you have to wait until the New Year ?!
I promise to be more helpful when my mother asks me to help the home nire not complain or seek cualsevol excuse .If you ask me to put the table or mopping the floor, I will soon. I hope in this way to have fewer arguments. Well, probably still discussed, but the arguments are more important things.
I'm good at football, but the coach says I have a bad attitude, and that he did not choose for the team to improve. So I promise to train harder. As soon as I finish my homework, I go to the gym. I have to improve my coordination, speed and strength in my feet, which I need football. So that way when the season started I was faster, stronger and I hope to be playing for the team every game.

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